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Refrigerators are designed to keep foods properly chilled. Any malfunction of any component can result in food products spoiling. While this spoilage may be obvious in some situations, it may not be readily noticed in others. Having higher than optimal refrigerator temperatures can easily result in the growth of potentially harmful bacteria. Consuming such food can lead to a host of digestive aliments. Having a well operating refrigerator and freezer is the best way to avoid such potentially dangerous situations.


There are a number of ways to detect problems in the operation of your refrigerator or freezer appliances. Some of the more common indicators are the refrigerator or freezer not maintaining optimal operating temperature, water on the inside surfaces of the unit or seeing standing water inside or underneath the refrigerator. Unusual noises or food going bad in a short amount of time can also be indicators of a unit in need of refrigerator repair.

If you noticed these or any other problems with your refrigerator or freezer, immediately call Appliance Repair Calgary to discuss the issue and schedule a service call.

If you call when you first notice a problem, the repair may be minor and less expensive.

 Appliance Repair Calgary will discuss your specific concerns and observations and arrange to have a trained technician visit your location to expertly diagnose and repair your unit. All technicians employed by our company are fully trained in refrigerator repair. They are also trained to provide outstanding customer service and to treat each client with respect and dignity.

We at  Appliance Repair Calgary realize the importance of having a properly running refrigerator. That is why we strive to repair your unit as soon as possible after the initial contact.

Appliance Repair Calgary repairs and services many major brands or refrigerator and freezers.


  • Leaking water underneath the refrigerator

  • Water inside the refrigerator

  • Refrigerator is not maintaining proper temperature

  • Freezer is not maintaining accurate temperature

  • Moisture on the surface of refrigerator

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